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Wanda Health’s Advanced COVID-19 Telehealth Programs Chosen to Protect Patients in Michigan

Rapid Deployment of COVID-19 Patient Screening and Remote Care Management Being Used by Leading Home Based Care Provider


Avalon Physician Services and Wanda Health announce their partnership to leverage Wanda Health’s COVID-19 telehealth solution to provide patients and quarantined individuals with quick, safe, automated symptom screening. This is accompanied by ongoing remote care management for those who are symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19. The use of the company’s telehealth programs for patient care reduces the risk of exposure for patients, families, and medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic while improving care for patients and responding to their questions.

“Our position on the leading edge of home-based patient care is further enhanced with the addition of telehealth from Wanda Health,” said Dr. Gary Sarafa, President of Avalon Physician Services. “Telehealth and remote patient management for chronic conditions, and now with COVID-19, are successful strategies that will allow us to proactively support patients and families with the best care possible while keeping the patients safe at home. Utilizing Wanda Health, Avalon Physician Services is able to provide true evidence-based care, linking symptoms, interventions, and outcomes in ways that benefit patents and providers in a healthy therapeutic alliance.”

Using the Wanda Health system, patients receive automated Daily COVID-19 Health Checks which follows CDC symptom guidance as well as reporting their temperature and other relevant vitals for analysis. The automated Daily COVID-19 Health Checks are delivered from the Wanda Telehealth platform across multiple channels, including telephone, Interactive Voice Response, text, and apps, which improves patient satisfaction and ease of use. The patients can then be monitored by clinical staff who may themselves be self-isolating, as well as clinicians working routinely. Federal, state, and commercial payers have approved multiple services and billing codes to allow medical professionals to be reimbursed for the use of the Wanda Health services to combat the COVID-19 virus and ongoing chronic disease management.

“Our COVID-19 Telehealth programs continue to be successful in helping doctors rapidly screen, evaluate, support, and manage the expectations of their patients and families. The physicians are pleased that its use contributes to their bottom line as well,” said Bill Bassett, President of Wanda Health. “We added the COVID-19 Telehealth programs to our chronic care and specialty disease platform to facilitate the ability of doctors to protect and care for their patients from remote locations. In today’s challenging environment speed is paramount. Wanda’s team can have a program up and running within a few days, enabling rapid rollout to thousands of patients.”


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