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RPM for Pain Management

Removing The Pain Points of Remote Care

Chronic pain is widespread, affecting one in five US adults, or over 50 million people who live with pain daily. Of that patient group, 19.6 million struggle with pain that impacts their ability to work or live a normal life, a common contributing factor to depression and poor mental health.


Wanda Health’s RPM for pain management is an effective, scalable, and cost-efficient solution for reducing readmissions and expenses whilst preventing pain crises from escalating, and ensuring patients have the correct care and treatment plans and medication prescriptions to keep pain under continuous management.

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Why RPM for Pain Management?

Pain management is a huge aspect of modern healthcare provision, delivered by primary care providers, surgical teams, pain clinics, and oncologists. Precise and ongoing remote health monitoring helps to identify concerning metrics such as shallow respiratory rates, which may indicate that opioid medications are having adverse impacts while ensuring patients with a disease have the most suitable care planning to meet their needs.


Misuse of pain relief medication is a significant issue, with roughly 9.7 million pain management patients overusing medicines in 2019. It is vital that practitioners and clinicians remain in close communication and can see quickly when patient symptoms or indicators have changed.


The volume of pain management patients is also a cost consideration, with a $650 billion impact on the US economy every year, making accessible, at-home, and remote RPM tracking an ideal solution for medical professionals monitoring broad groups of patients.


Wanda Health allows healthcare professionals to facilitate remote care at home, allowing clinicians to help more patients, deliver accessible care to patients who may not be able to visit medical centres in person and efficiently review medications and lifestyle factors essential to chronic pain management.

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Actionable insights expediting intervention management

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Improves patient understanding and engagement in their treatment plan

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Strengthens care coordination and reduces unplanned emergent care needs

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Expands revenue potential with new reimbursable services

RPM to Prevent Chronic Pain: Benefits to Patients and Clinicians

There are many excellent reasons to consider RPM as a supplementary or additional patient care service for those with chronic pain or other chronic diseases that cause pain and require regular treatment reviews.


Our RPM devices can provide medication reminders to ensure symptoms or pain are alleviated without exceeding the safe dosage and track data to help patients create positive habits to support the impact of their medications, with behavior change often a viable way to alleviate pain.


Wanda Health’s range of RPM devices provides improved access, which is particularly beneficial for patients in rural regions or with mobility issues. It improves real-time responsiveness to elevated pain levels, giving clinicians and individuals the information they need to decide how best to adjust medications.


Monitoring patient pain levels, treatment responses, and other symptoms ensures healthcare providers have real-time feedback, adjust dosages swiftly, and reduce the potential for high-risk overuse of prescription opioids.


Virtual consultations and discussions, supported by data collation and tracking, mean practitioners can serve their patient demographics with best practice levels of personalization without the time and cost pressures of arranging in-person assessments of the regularity necessary to ensure effective pain control.

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Wanda Remote Patient Monitoring System Features

Patients are equipped with FDA-approved devices that monitor the vital signals associated with pain management. Clinicians can analyze and interpret to make informed decisions about the most suitable treatment plan.

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See our RPM Platform in Action

How does our RPM platform look? Featuring an intuitive UI compatible with both mobile and desktop applications, both patients and healthcare professionals can easily navigate our platform.

Who We Work With

We work with an increasingly diverse range of partners engaged in direct patient care delivery, medical research and clinical trials, and investigations into best-practice pain management protocols. As one of the newest advancements in patient monitoring, RPM is an effective and viable way to expand pain management care to broader demographics while remaining cost-effective.


Some of the organizations leveraging Wanda Health’s RPM devices and virtual care platform to improve patient outcomes and research feasibility include:

  • Primary care providers, such as doctors, pain management clinics, oncology departments, hospitals, and treatment centers, using RPM to improve direct patient treatment plans, engagement in pain management, and ensuring the safe administration of pain control medications.

  • Researchers and analysts evaluating ways to deal with the economic cost of wide-scale chronic pain and the underlying causes or risk factors that increase the number of people experiencing long-term pain.

  • Healthcare authorities analyzing RPM data to decide how to address patient education and information about pain management options, alternatives, and preventative actions.

  • Clinical researchers comparing treatment protocols, medication developments, and care plans that may reduce hospital admissions, instances of medication overuse, or pain crises.


Interested partner organizations are welcome to contact the Wanda Health team to organize a convenient time to run through a complimentary demonstration.

Doctor and Patient

Our Devices

We support a wide range of monitoring devices to support remote pain management


Our RPM devices are all designed with next-generation technology and data transmissions for reliability and confidentiality, transferring readings directly to approved practitioners without any manual processes or complex patient instructions.


Monitoring can be accompanied by check-ins and treatment response tracking to allow for immediate comparison against protocols to determine the correct response to changing pain levels.


Tracking blood pressure is important to ensure practitioners have oversight of the effectiveness of pain relief medication and chemotherapy treatments for oncology patients. RPM tracking ensures that any warning signs linked to hypertension or hypoxia are identified and responded to fast.


Chronic pain is often accompanied by a loss of appetite, where sudden reductions in weight can indicate a medical emergency or a lack of protein can cause exacerbated muscle weakness, further escalating mobility concerns. Physicians may also need to monitor weight to ensure lifestyle changes are being implemented where obesity contributes to conditions that are the root cause of pain.


These devices monitor the percentage of oxygen present in a patient's red blood cells as a safe, easy-to-use, and fast assessment solution. The device clips onto the patient's finger and delivers exact measurements in just a few seconds, as a device that any patient can use with confidence.


Elevated or insufficient blood sugar can cause serious side effects in pain management patients, either because they suffer from diabetes alongside other conditions or because glycemic control is essential to preventing avoidable pain crises. More about diabetes RPM.

The choice of RPM devices will depend on the patient's underlying conditions, healthcare plans, and symptoms. Still, many are provided with two or more devices to ensure their clinicians have a comprehensive overview of their total health.


For example, patients being treated for pain management with opioid medications should be closely monitored for signs of respiratory depression, medication overuse, or indications of negative reactions to other treatments.

You can read more about our RPM devices here.

Highly Effective With Patients 

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96% of patients using Wanda Health as part of their care management services would recommend it to family and friends

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95% of patients were very satisfied using Wanda Health as part of their care management services

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91% of patients followed their treatment plan using Wanda Health as part of their are management services

About Wanda Leaders in Digital Healthcare

Wanda Health is a specialist in RPM devices and virtual care, developing new ways to access patient data on demand, and helping clinicians, researchers, and pain management experts trace and monitor how best to manage chronic pain and improve positive patient outcomes. Our RPM devices and virtual care platform are intuitive, user-friendly, and highly accurate, assisting with precise billing, real-time patient tracking, and virtual consultations.

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