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RPM for Wound Care

Transforming Wound Care Management

Wound care creates significant pressure on healthcare providers and primary care services, with an annual economic cost of $28 billion and affecting 15% of Medicare users, according to National Institutes of Health statistics.


Wanda Health RPM is an excellent solution that offers efficiencies in resource allocation, treatment costs, and patient outcomes, both in preventing avoidable wounds associated with long-term conditions such as diabetes and delivering the oversights practitioners need to assist patients in administering self-care during recovery periods at home.


The challenge of delivering effective, safe, and personalized treatments is likely to intensify, with the same organization projecting further increases in chronic wounds, largely linked to a forecast elderly population of over 77 million adults.

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Why RPM for Wound Care?

The complexity of wound care management for medical professionals is that conditions can vary widely, from post-operative and accident wounds to non-healing wounds and diabetic foot ulcers. Each patient requires ongoing tracking to ensure they are healing and recovering well or have the appropriate treatment, medications, and lifestyle education to remain comfortable and well.


In many cases, patients are at risk of more serious wounds due to underlying chronic conditions, obesity, and diabetes, with elevated risk also present in older adults, particularly those with diseases such as osteoporosis, dementia, or Alzheimer’s.


RPM is ideally suited to these patient cohorts. It allows practitioners to scale their consultations and interactions over larger patient groups while avoiding any need for vulnerable or mobility-restricted patients to attend an in-person appointment each day.


Advanced RPM devices can monitor a wide range of symptoms, vital signs, and data points to ensure physicians have a complete overview of patient wellness and can step in swiftly when readings indicate a potential medical emergency or require a change in treatment protocols.

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Actionable insights expediting intervention management

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Improves patient understanding and engagement in their treatment plan

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Strengthens care coordination and reduces unplanned emergent care needs

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Expands revenue potential with new reimbursable services

The Benefits of Using RPM for Metabolic Syndrome

For Patients


  • Faster Recoveries and Long-Term Outcomes: RPM has been shown to reduce the need for emergency visits in wound care patients by as much as 92% while lowering hospital readmissions by 40%. Patient-specific monitoring helps clinical professionals prevent complications or secondary conditions largely linked to poor self-care or ending courses of antibiotic treatments early.

  • Immediate Emergency Interventions: Taking RPM readings daily provides a wealth of data points that practitioners can use to monitor and trace patient wellbeing. This process ensures that the physician has an exact indication of the safe tolerance levels of the individual and can intervene quickly when there is any cause for concern.

  • Improved Patient Care: Introducing RPM frees up time capacity to onboard new patients, extend services available, and provide greater flexibility in how patients communicate with their physicians. Educational resources within the virtual care plan provide an extra touchpoint, and patients report higher satisfaction levels due to the personalized and convenient nature of RPM.


For Healthcare Organizations


  • Efficient Claims Handling: Medical providers can ensure they are claiming the full value of the services provided to each patient by integrating their RPM service with billing systems, identifying CPT codes associated with care delivery and interactions, and reducing any room for error that can result in lost revenues.

  • Reduced Costs of Treatment: Turnkey RPM from Wanda Health provides a swift integration, deploying RPM devices and initiating monitoring services quickly while reducing avoidable treatment expenditures due to comorbidities, uncontrolled wound infections, or the time cost of allocating regular in-person visits to take up-to-date readings.

  • Improved Patient Engagement: The prevalence of readmissions in wound care patients is predominantly linked to lifestyle factors and compliance with medical advice. Seeing their readings in real-time displayed on a device and tracing their healing through our virtual care platform means patients are full participants in their own recovery.

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Wanda Remote Patient Monitoring System Features

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See our RPM Platform in Action

How does our RPM platform look? Featuring an intuitive UI compatible with both mobile and desktop applications, both patients and healthcare professionals can easily navigate our platform.

Who We Work With

RPM has a broad range of applications in primary patient care, community-based care, and post-hospital monitoring, and in extracting data and metrics to inform and educate the way physicians and clinicians manage chronic and prevalent conditions. We partner with:

  • General practices, medical centers, clinics, specialist services, hospitals, and surgeries managing patients with wound care needs and in at-risk groups.

  • Secondary healthcare services such as community-based medical service providers, wellbeing centers, residential and home treatment teams, and those specializing in conditions such as diabetes and frailty in older people.

  • Clinical researchers and diagnostic teams often using RPM to assess the impacts on patient outcomes, long-term recovery prospects, and readmission statistics.

  • Educational and oversight bodies and organizations tracking instances of patient conditions, integrating RPM data with disease registries, and assessing the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of alternative treatment strategies.


Any healthcare service interested in the benefits of RPM is welcome to contact Wanda Health to organize a demonstration of our virtual care platform and RPM devices.

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Our Devices

Wanda Health provides a range of medical-grade RPM devices that are FDA-compliant and designed to be easy for any patient to use. Features such as backlit high-visibility screens and one-button functions are intuitive and require no complex integrations or even a reliable Wi-Fi connection, which can be a barrier to access to care.


Hypertension and high blood pressure can impact wound recovery due to blood being unable to flow properly and carry nutrients and oxygen to the affected site. Recording blood pressure readings can help pre-empt any potential for increased risk of infection and other complications.


Obesity and low or high BMI data can cause an increased risk for wound control cohorts due to malnutrition, poor nutrition intake, and chronic inflammation. Clinicians can monitor body weight to ensure patients recover well and respond to medical advice to adjust their nutrition accordingly.


Oxygen saturation is an important metric in wound care management, where reduced readings can indicate acute side effects that can cause damage to the essential organs. Tracking blood oxygen ensures practitioners can deploy an emergency response where required.


Patients with diabetes are at significant risk of requiring wound care treatment, where high blood sugar levels can impact the speed at which wounds heal. Monitoring blood sugar is essential to identify risk factors and provide patient lifestyle instructions to assist in full recovery.

Where a wound care patient is exposed to multiple risks or comorbidities, medical professionals can deploy one or several RPM devices, ensuring they have a comprehensive picture of the patient’s health and adjust treatment plans to meet changing health profiles.

Highly Effective With Patients 

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96% of patients using Wanda Health as part of their care management services would recommend it to family and friends

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95% of patients were very satisfied using Wanda Health as part of their care management services

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91% of patients followed their treatment plan using Wanda Health as part of their are management services

About Wanda Leaders in Digital Healthcare

Wanda Health has developed our RPM devices, virtual care platform, and turnkey RPM services to ensure all practitioners, medical service organizations, and healthcare providers have access to the efficiencies of RPM. 

We work across the UK and US to introduce modern, advanced, and tailored RPM that can address many widespread diseases and conditions, resulting in better patient outcomes and reduced readmissions. Find out more about our remote patient monitoring solutions here.

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