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Conditions That Can Be Managed with Wanda Health RPM

The Wanda Health solution supports the entire care team in providing exceptional patient-centred care. The early notification of potential problems strengthens the doctor-patient relationship supporting better adherence for a range of diseases and conditions. Transitional care is facilitated with ongoing data-driving interventions. Rehabilitation for Cardiac, COPD and other diseases is easier for patients to successfully achieve.


What Chronic Diseases Can RPM Help Manage?

From hypertension to diabetes, asthma to COPD, RPM offers a range of possibilities for more efficient and personalized care. Discover how this transformative technology revolutionizes chronic condition management, bringing convenience, improved quality of life, and enhanced healthcare experiences to patients worldwide.


Wanda RPM is ideal for the following conditions:

Congestive Heart Failure

RPM for CHF is the perfect tool to manage this chronic condition. The monitoring provides visibility of patient data trends, speeding interventions. Automated adherence programs make it easier for patients to follow your instructions and manage their recovery. In addition, video visits, remote assessments, including behavioural and mental status, virtual education, and remote training help provide more efficient care.

The patient experience is easy and adds to their satisfaction of your care:

  • Patients respond to how they are feeling as well as measure and track their ongoing health status with evaluation of symptoms and vital signs specific to their condition. Ad hoc assessments can be easily conducted.

  • Patients receive a personalized interaction through the automated Daily Health Check via our mobile app, text messaging, or an interactive voice response calls on their mobile or landline phone.

  • Patients can request to be contacted by their Care Coordinator who can discuss their symptoms and treatment using live video chat.

  • Patients can work with and be coached by their care team to help better understand and more effectively follow their care instructions, such as what medications to take and at which time of the day.

  • Patients can receive reminders to take medications, go for a walk, or confirm an upcoming appointment.

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Online Medical Consultant

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

Cardiac rehabilitation is used with patients to recover from heart attacks, heart failure, heart surgery, and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures. The goal of our program is to help patients reduce the risk of future heart problems by making it easier for them and their caregivers to manage their recovery and improve their lifestyle.

  • Automated reminders successfully help them follow their proper medication regimen.

  • Biofeedback on their lifestyle changes, such as diet, supports progress.

  • Educational videos on nutrition and other guidance are targeted to the unique needs of each patient.

Chronic Disease and Comorbidities

Managing chronic disease is challenging for providers, patients, and families. In addition, the stress related to ongoing medical attention and lifestyle limitations is challenging to manage and exacerbates non-adherence.

Including Wanda Health as part of your chronic care management bring the power of insight, driving proactive care, and improving patient adherence. For patients with early-onset, behaviour modification in the initial stages of their treatment makes adherence much easier to maintain. Improved adherence and early warning of problems lead to happier and healthier patients. Our chronic care programs include the following diseases:

Medical Information
Medical Form

Acute and Speciality Diseases

The use of Wanda Health to support acute conditions helps patients recover faster with fewer complications. Management of vital signs and symptoms empowers providers to mitigate issues, such as infection, before becoming problematic. For patients requiring therapy, remote video therapy training is beneficial, allowing for increased frequency and better support of proper compliance. 

Many patients are affected by behavioral or mental conditions due to their acute disease or an independent disease. Continuous assessment of these conditions, such as depression or anxiety, helps providers track progress and improve care. Patient consultations, training, and education can be conducted remotely using our video chat service. When you need to reinforce lifestyle changes or medications need better adherence, our solution's automated features help you create a patient-centered experience improving their understanding of your care plan. Our acute and specialty care programs include the following diseases and conditions:

  • Knee Arthroplasty

  • Hip Arthroplasty

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic respiratory condition characterized by airflow limitation, resulting in difficulty breathing. At Wanda Health, we offer a comprehensive COPD programme that combines advanced technology with personalized care. 

Our programme begins with a detailed assessment to develop a personalized care plan based on each patient's unique needs. Through remote monitoring, we track vital signs, oxygen saturation levels, cough frequency, and physical activity in real-time. Medication management and adherence support, lifestyle modification guidance, and access to pulmonary rehabilitation services are integral parts of our COPD programme. With our telehealth platform, patients can connect with their healthcare team through secure video consultations, ensuring seamless care coordination throughout their COPD journey.

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