Healthier & Happier Patients

using Predictive Remote Monitoring

Improving Patient Adherence 

The combination of predictive analytics, behavioral sciences, and multimodal telehealth providing real-time clinical decision support helping your team improve care and success with patient adherence.

Remote Monitoring & Screening

  • Easy to use  automated  interactions with the patient helps them assess their symptoms enabling timely clinical interventions by the care team

  • Perfect for managing patients are high-risk, have chronic conditions or require screenings for seasonal diseases.

  • Device agnostic approach allows for higher adherence rates by the patient

Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

  • Increase patient adherence with coaching, education and behavioral training features

  • Automated customer reminders tailored to the needs of each patient

  • Patients have better control of their health with the knowledge and support your provide them

  • Improved clinical user satisfaction with patient improving in outcomes and overall success with their care 

Predictive Artificial Intelligence

  • Early warning system using our patented machine learning algorithms that predict adverse events  care up to 7 days in advance

  • Risk stratification of patient populations for targeted intervention management

  • Real-time analytics improve sensitivity to patient specific conditions

Virtual Visits & Video Consults

  • Patient and provider use two-way conferencing for real-time consultations

  • Used to treat common illnesses, assist with triage decisions and used in psychotherapy

  • Makes consultations and case conferencing easy and productive

MHealth & Multimodal Telehealth

  • ​Multimodal communications integrated for use of smartphones, device, as well as software applications to support healthcare

  • Ensures patients with no or low-tech capabilities can benefit

  • Great for reaching patients with limited connectivity in rural or inner city locations

Customize Disease Care

  • Over 75 disease specific clinical programs that can be easily customized to meet provider requirements.

  • Non clinical programs include satisfaction,  general care management, private duty, pain assessments, wellness, anxiety, depression, and other programs

  • Social determinants of health assessments and guidance to improve care team effectiveness in care management

Data & Analytics 

  • Ongoing collection of patient data  that is constantly analyzed to improve performance

  • Practice optimization analytics to improve profitability and productivity

  • Management and team-level dashboards and reporting for performance improvement

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Patients that Benefit from Wanda Health

Making it easier for patients to follow your care instructions and speeding time to intervention changes is a highly valuable tool to use. Many of your patients would great benefit including: 

  • Patients with chronic diseases and comorbidities such as HF, CHF, COPD, Hypertension, Diabetes,  Pneumonia

  • Patients with other high-risk diagnoses or condition that live at home or are facility-based

  • Patients in Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs

  • Patients that are transitioning from hospital to home (TCM)

  • Patients at risk from COVID-19 or seasonal influenza

  • Patients with mental or behavioral conditions

  • Patients with chronic pain or have wounds 

  • Patients that need ongoing educational support, coaching or remote training (e.g., medication management or inhaler training)

  • Patients in wellness or population health programs

  • Patients in managed care programs

  • Patients enrolled in ACOs

  • Patients enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare, commercial payers

Providers Are Doing Well

Having healthier and more engaged patients means you are providing better care. It also means you will have lower costs, higher revenue, and more satisfied patients and team members.


 Patient Adherence 

Percent of patients adhering to their care plan using Wanda Health disease programs


 Lower Readmissions 

Reduction in unplanned rehospitalization in heart failure patients over 6 months


 Patient Satisfaction 

Percent of patients who would recommend using Wanda Health to family and friends


Wanda Health and COVID-19 Telehealth

Easy to use screening and remote care management for vulnerable patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


The case study demonstrates the value of providing ongoing care for chronic conditions in combination with COVID-19 monitoring.

“The COVID-19 Telehealth and chronic care programs unique to Wanda Health, allow us to rapidly expand the scope of screening, preventing the spread of the virus and protecting our high-risk patients.”

Yeeny Gonzalez, DNP, MD, CEO PCP1st


Learn how Wanda Health programs can help

  • Strengthen the patient-provider relationship and bring in new patients

  • Add new revenue from telehealth and remote patient monitoring programs

  • Improve team team workflows and productivity reaching more patients

  • Successfully identify and improve care for at-risk patients and those with special care needs

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