Telehealth for COVID-19

Symptom Screening and Remote Patient Care

Engaging Telehealth for COVID-19

COVID-19 Screening and COVID-19 Virus Management Programs

Wanda Health’s integrated proactive screening, remote care management, and multimodal telehealth platform
has been adapted to monitor patients remotely in their homes, using CDC symptom guidelines for COVID-19. 
The patients can then be monitored by clinical staff who may themselves be self-isolating, as well as clinicians working routinely. The COVID-19 program can be implemented alone or in combination with other programs for vulnerable patients. These programs can be interacting with your patients and care teams within days.

How it Helps Providers 

The integrated workflow feeds real-time patient data to doctors and care teams that speeds
identification and intervention delivery to patients. This proactive care model is effective in both reducing the
negative effects of late symptom detection and improving patient adherence. A real and valued benefit for providers is that staff can work remotely using Wanda Health.

Multiple Technologies Embedded in a Single Platform

Active Artificial Intelligence

Brings the insights of real time
predictive analytics at
the patient level to the
course of care

Remote Monitoring

Automated Daily Health Check collects vital and
symptom data feeding the
real-time risk analysis driving
early intervention changes to
avert adverse events

Patient Engagement

Behavioral modification and
supervised engagement tools that improve care plan
adherence improving outcomes

Multimodal Telehealth

Automated, on-demand telehealth and multi-party telehealth patient encounters that facilitate care, improve
adherence and increase satisfaction

Artificial Intelligence Mergers with Telehealth

We are putting the power of artificial
intelligence into the hands of physicians, nurses, and patients to drive better care, increase satisfaction, and improve the bottom line.

Predictive analytics, advanced behavioral sciences, patient engagement and telehealth merged into a clinical decision support and care management platform that reduces adverse events and improves adherence and helps generate revenue.

Customers are experiencing reductions in unplanned rehospitalizations and emergency department visits, increased patient adherence, added revenue, and reduced costs of operations, and happier patients.

Evidence of Success

91 %

Adherence with daily care plan

46 %

Reduction in 30-day readmission rate

32 %

More accurate than traditional Remote
Patient Monitoring

Learn how Wanda Health programs can help

Add new revenue from telehealth, remote patient monitoring and COVID-19 programs

Proactively support patients and families keeping them safe at home

Protect your team from unneeded exposure

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