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RPM Devices

Precision-designed Digital RPM devices

Wanda Health offers a comprehensive range of precision-designed digital RPM devices, all engineered to enhance patient usability, transmit accurate and timely results to doctors, clinicians, and other medical professionals, and provide fast insights into how a patient's symptoms and health are changing.


Each digital RPM device is integrated with our patient and healthcare provider platform for real-time access, compliant with FDA requirements for RPM services to be claimable through Medicare billing, where applicable.

RPM devices in use

Devices to Monitor a Number of Conditions

Choosing advanced RPM devices assures clinics and hospitals that their patients are under ongoing supervision, with devices deployed for either short-term use, such as post-hospital discharge, or over longer periods to support patients with chronic and developing conditions.

iBlood Pressure

Our iBloodPressure RPM device is reliable and accurate, capturing data about the patient’s diastolic and systolic blood pressure with results transmitted through in-built communication technology.


Patients with conditions or indications such as hypertension, diabetes (read more about diabetes RPM), and congestive heart failure, along with pregnant patients with potential complications linked to blood pressure, can take readings with a one-button operation, using adjustable cuffs to measure their readings correctly. 

Read more about our remote blood pressure monitors.

iGlucose and Test Strips 

Monitoring glucose levels is essential for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and those with gestational diabetes, with blood glucose a vital health indicator for patients presenting with diabetes or who are pre-diabetic. Each kit comes complete with all the required components, including a storage case, charger, lancets, and testing strips.


Rapid RPM testing with a single test strip and blood droplet makes it easier for patients to maintain oversight of their condition, understand how lifestyle changes are impacting their readings, and comply with clinicians' recommendations and care programs.

Read more about our remote glucose monitors.


Pulse oximeters remotely track and record vital signs, including pulse rates and oxygen saturation, to assist with the intelligent management of chronic conditions, including heart failure, asthma, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and many other illnesses and diseases that affect lung function and blood oxygen levels.


Wanda Health’s iPulseOx logs readings quickly and is user-friendly, with an interface suited to all hand or finger sizes and skin tones, capturing metrics of heart rate and blood oxygen using a simple start/stop button for use by any patient.


Smart weighing scales are used extensively in RPM, applicable to multiple conditions and diseases where medical professionals need to access readings to help manage type 2 diabetes, conditions linked to obesity, congestive heart failure, and prediabetes. Weight and body composition management are also essential for other disorders, where sudden changes can be an indication of changes to patient wellness, such as when supporting patients with ongoing heart conditions.


Our iScale is engineered for streamlined use, with a one-tap function, long-lasting battery capacity, and cellular reading transmissions allowing doctors and health services to respond quickly when necessary.

Essential Features of High-Quality RPM Devices

RPM is cost-effective, accessible, and highly valuable in reducing readmissions and improving patient outcomes. To be successful, an RPM approach should also incorporate devices that offer intuitive functionality, ensuring a patient does not need to follow complex instructions to be able to log their readings.


Instead, an RPM device should be capable of recording and transmitting patient data to the appropriate practitioner without relying on self-administration or device management by the patient. 

This level of automation provides a seamless user experience, reduces the potential for patient errors or misreadings, and delivers a remote health monitoring service that is suitable for all, including individuals with limited mobility, sight impairments, or other conditions that may make using non-RPM devices challenging.


Applications and Conditions Monitored Through RPM Devices

The most suitable RPM device for your patient will depend on their overall health profile, the risks and indicators most relevant to their condition, and the key metrics that will affect the care plan, medications, and recommendations you make. We summarize the most prevalent conditions and illnesses monitored through our cutting-edge digital RPM device range and the readings each device captures before transmitting the data to update patient care logs and practitioner records. 


iBlood Pressure

Blood flow and heart rate through arterial motion measurements

Applicable Conditions: Hypertension, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Pregnancy, Kidney Dysfunction, Congestive Heart Failure 


Blood oxygen levels and pulse rates through light wavelength tracking

Applicable Conditions: Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lung Cancer, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, COVID-19, Congestive Heart Failure

iGlucose and Test Strips

Blood sugar levels

Applicable Conditions: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestatational diabetes


Patient weight, changing weight, and body composition

Applicable ConditionsObesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Prediabetes

Some patients may be issued with more than one RPM device, depending on their condition(s) and health, with combined readings a meaningful way for healthcare professionals to monitor their patients remotely and identify potential risks or indications that require immediate medical intervention.

RPM Device Connectivity

One of the fundamental features of all Wanda Health RPM devices is an integrated data collection and transmission function, whereby patients are not expected to manually record their readings or provide regular updates to their practitioner.


Older monitoring devices are often inefficient due to incorrect use, or where they have barriers to accessibility for patients without a dependable internet connection within their homes.


We designed each RPM device and our integrated platform for flawless functionality, created with patients and practitioners in mind and with the powerful levels of precision necessary to provide healthcare services with highly precise readings.


Each device is preconfigured without any complex set-up or installation requirements, with lightweight casings, one-touch or one-click operation, and high-visibility outputs.


Patients can see their own readings instantly and maintain control over their health, with the assurance that data is being transmitted directly to their doctor or healthcare provider. Medical professionals retain oversight of their patient’s health and care plans and can intervene whenever necessary to ensure they achieve the best outcomes.

Doctor and Patient

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