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RPM for Weight Loss and Management

Removing the Barriers to Effective Weight Management

Obesity is the most commonly undertreated chronic condition, with only 40% of the US adults living with medically high-risk weight seeking medical treatment or consultative services to improve their health. Around 42.4% of the population is obese, with 9.2% affected by severe obesity, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Wanda Health provides RPM devices such as digital scales - just one of our resources for clinicians and practitioners that help to remotely measure accurate body weight from home, track patient health and positive lifestyle changes, and inform targeted care strategies at a minimal cost.

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Clients and Partners

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Why RPM for Weight Management?

Weight is a primary cause or contributor to many of the most prevalent chronic conditions, including heart disease, some cancers, type 2 diabetes (read more about RPM for diabetes), and stroke. Identifying obesity and taking action to support patients in reducing unhealthy weight can prevent hospital admissions, severe medical crises, the worsening of chronic conditions, and reduce preventable fatalities.


One of the many complexities is that the size of the population suffering from obesity, coupled with shortages in primary care physicians, places increasing pressure on busy doctor's surgeries, weight clinics, and treatment centers to manage effective care for growing patient groups, stretching resources thin.


Wanda Health RPM offers a swift solution, delivering cost-effective home-managed patient symptom and data tracing, delivering readings directly to the assigned practitioner, and logging data including weight, heart rate, and blood sugar to assess changes over time or the effectiveness of treatment and health improvement plans.

Obesity and the associated medical conditions cost the US economy $173 billion annually. Introducing RPM devices enables physicians to remain up to date with their patient's latest readings and respond as required without needing to see individuals in person regularly. Remote monitoring removes one of the most significant barriers to enhancing the take-up and success of obesity care within the primary care environment.

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Actionable insights expediting intervention management

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Improves patient understanding and engagement in their treatment plan

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Strengthens care coordination and reduces unplanned emergent care needs

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Expands revenue potential with new reimbursable services

The Benefits of Using RPM for Weight Management

RPM enables patients to directly participate in their care and see how their condition and weight are improving within the comfort of their home, often combining weighing scales with other devices to track symptoms such as blood pressure.


Clinicians can accurately prescribe obesity management medications, recommend behavior changes, and communicate with patients while ensuring they have accurate and real-time readings to make informed medical decisions about the right advice regarding body weight, nutrition, and physical activity.


Wireless data transmissions mean patients can easily take measurements on a regular schedule with medication and RPM reminders built into our virtual care platform, helping patients and practitioners to monitor and track weight changes, raise an alert if there is a sudden gain or loss of weight, adjust medications appropriately and see how weight is affecting other health concerns or chronic conditions.


RPM has proven to be an effective way of tracing multiple vital signs relevant to comorbidities such as congestive heart failure and diabetes, ensuring weight loss is well managed, and the impacts on other conditions are closely monitored.

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Wanda Remote Patient Monitoring System Features

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See our RPM Platform in Action

How does our RPM platform look? Featuring an intuitive UI compatible with both mobile and desktop applications, both patients and healthcare professionals can easily navigate our platform.

Who We Work With

Wanda Health works with medical professionals from across the clinical sector, ranging from primary care providers to researchers, data analysts, and healthcare scientists, formulating new approaches to reduce the prevalence of obesity in the population.


Among our partners, we collaborate with:


  • Hospitals, weight management clinics, obesity specialists, and community care teams deploying RPM devices to support wider patient numbers throughout their regions, including those with barriers to medical care or for whom accessing medical advice is complex due to health, mobility, or location.

  • Diagnostic teams using RPM data tracking to identify correlations between weight loss and treatment approaches, protocols, medications, and other lifestyle factors, using this research to provide updated evidence-based research for physicians focused on weight management.

  • Population healthcare assessment organizations looking at connections between obesity and age, lifestyle, socioeconomic position, income, and regions, using the outcomes to inform public healthcare strategy and education in a more targeted way.

  • Post-care clinicians and post-surgery consultants working with patients to effect gradual and safe weight loss, improving long-term outcomes, reducing readmissions, and preventing conditions from developing that can be avoided with weight loss.


We offer a complimentary demo for interested organizations keen to see how RPM and our virtual care platform can benefit their work, medical care, or research studies.

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Wanda Health RPM Devices

Wanda Health’s remote patient monitoring devices interlink with our virtual care platform and are designed for accuracy yet with an interface that is easy to use for any patient, with no complex directions.


Obesity routinely causes hypertension or elevated blood pressure and is also linked to the development of conditions such as kidney disease. Monitoring blood pressure allows clinicians to pre-empt high-risk readings and prescribe appropriate care plans to reduce the risks of developing new chronic conditions. Read more about RPM for chronic conditions here.


Smart digital scales measure all the data vital to weight loss management, including lean mass, body fat, and BMI providing a comprehensive overview of the patient's progress and ensuring weight loss is safe and controlled.


Patients in an obese or morbidly obese weight range present with lower resting SpO2, meaning clinicians can observe and monitor how weight loss is improving oximetry readings or spot when changes to lung function require emergency intervention.


Body mass and obesity correlate directly to diabetes, where excess weight makes it more likely patients will develop unsafe levels of glucose within their bloodstream or will develop worsening diabetes. Obesity is a primary cause of type 2 diabetes in up to 85% of patients with the condition. Read more about RPM for diabetes here.

Medical practitioners commonly assign one or more RPM devices to patients engaged in weight loss care planning, giving them an overall view of the patient's well-being and informing how they prescribe treatments, behavior changes, and treat associated conditions.

You can read more about our RPM devices here.

Highly Effective With Patients 

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96% of patients using Wanda Health as part of their care management services would recommend it to family and friends

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95% of patients were very satisfied using Wanda Health as part of their care management services

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91% of patients followed their treatment plan using Wanda Health as part of their are management services

About Wanda Leaders in Digital Healthcare

Wanda Health develops advanced RPM technology and data tracking interfaces designed to tackle some of the most prevalent conditions, chronic diseases, and healthcare crises affecting the UK and the US populations.


Our devices and virtual care platform are created for optimal data accuracy, automation, and client/practitioner engagement to reduce the number of preventable hospital admissions and improve long-term patient outcomes across the broad scope of applications for medical weight loss.

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