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RPM for Metabolic Syndrome

Flexible and Functional Metabolic Syndrome Management

Metabolic syndrome also referred to as insulin resistance and 'syndrome X,' is perhaps one of the most complex conditions to monitor, affecting a combination of symptoms and healthcare factors with increased risks of type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.


The National Institutes of Health estimates that as many as one in three adults have the syndrome, widely considered an epidemic, with an economic cost of almost $173 billion per year, predominantly linked to patients with obesity.


Wanda Health RPM is a powerful asset for clinicians and practitioners looking to diagnose and track metabolic syndrome while preventing avoidable hospitalizations. They utilize the efficiency and patient participation inherent in RPM services to closely monitor a broad range of data, including body fat, blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

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Why RPM for Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is extremely prevalent in adults, with a severe burden on healthcare services. It often requires a disproportionate allocation of physician's time and resources, given the variety of markers and symptoms they need to monitor.


However, ongoing tracking is essential to identify when elevated blood pressure and reduced blood oxygen may indicate a potential stroke or when a patient's blood sugar levels communicate the possibility of a forthcoming hypoglycemic event.


By keeping a daily log of patient metrics, practitioners can effectively reduce emergency admissions, critical care treatments, and health implications such as stroke or heart failure that can have a long-term impact on the well-being of a patient.


RPM provides the flexibility and functionality to be deployed to wide demographics of patients with or at risk of metabolic syndrome, introducing cost-effective, tailored patient care, greater capacity to support larger patient cohorts, and ensuring patients with the syndrome are in control of managing their symptoms and implementing lifestyle changes recommended by their physician.

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Actionable insights expediting intervention management

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Improves patient understanding and engagement in their treatment plan

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Strengthens care coordination and reduces unplanned emergent care needs

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Expands revenue potential with new reimbursable services

The Benefits of Using RPM for Metabolic Syndrome

For Patients


  • Reduced Hospitalizations and Emergency Interventions: Tracking metrics and responding quickly to indications of concern means that metabolic syndrome patients are less exposed to critical health events, can reduce their risks, and experience better long-term quality of life.

  • At-Home Self-Administered Care Tracking: Many patients may be unable to access a clinic or practice or find that the need to visit their physician in person for testing is a barrier to adequate care. RPM is convenient, user-friendly, and inclusive, with devices engineered for use out of the box and suitable for all patient groups.

  • Improved Education and Support: Wanda Health’s virtual care platform is interactive and informative, sharing access to resources, support, and clear depictions of patients' changing readings to ensure they know precisely how their treatment plans are working.


For Healthcare Organizations


  • Cost-Effective Wide-Scale Solutions: Implementing RPM ensures that healthcare services can remain up to date with eligible claims and billing processes, using standardized CPT codes to issue claims documentation and ensure they can meet the needs of their patients in a viable, financially resilient way. 

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: One of the key aspects of metabolic syndrome management is patient participation – adhering to advice around lifestyle changes, physical activity, and nutrition. The visibility of RPM data to patients and practitioners has a profound impact on the ways patients respond and follow the guidance provided by their clinicians.

  • Real-Time Actionable Data: RPM devices record data on a pre-agreed schedule, transmitting readings securely to the medical service or their outsourced RPM provider. Practitioners receive alerts when measurements are outside of a safe tolerance and can initiate a fast medical response before an emergency arises.

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Wanda Remote Patient Monitoring System Features

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See our RPM Platform in Action

How does our RPM platform look? Featuring an intuitive UI compatible with both mobile and desktop applications, both patients and healthcare professionals can easily navigate our platform.

Who We Work With

Wanda Health is used in an increasingly diverse array of healthcare settings, from trials of RPM to inform future medical policies and education to primary care medical services and clinical environments. We partner with:


  • Clinics, medical offices, hospitals, practices, and specialist centers looking for effective and viable ways to provide healthcare monitoring and interactions across growing patient demographics.

  • Analysts and researchers exploring the advantages of RPM and the sustainable impacts on condition management, disease prevention, and population education.

  • Community care organizations supporting patients post-hospital stay or post-surgery, implementing RPM to maintain ongoing oversight of patient well-being during periods of recovery or rehabilitation.

  • Healthcare bodies determining new ways forward to tackle conditions that are widespread in the population and looking for solutions to prevent avoidable hospitalizations and emergency admissions and reduce the economic costs of condition management.

Interested organizations are invited to get in touch to arrange a convenient time to experience a demonstration of any of our RPM devices and the supporting Wanda Health virtual care platform.

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Our Devices

Wanda Health has engineered a range of FDA-compliant RPM devices that provide seamless patient user experiences while having the accuracy and reliability fundamental to medical symptom tracking.


Increased or decreased blood pressure can be the first warning sign of a developing health condition. Tracking blood pressure allows physicians to see whether medications are working or the patient's overall health is improving.


Obesity is a correlational factor with metabolic syndrome, and dietary and activity changes may be essential to preventing stroke or diabetes. Clinicians monitor body weight to ensure treatment plans are having a positive impact and lowering the patient’s risk profile.


Pulse oximeters are used to measure the efficiency of the lungs in absorbing oxygen and distributing it around the body, with lower levels a warning sign in patients with pre-diabetes and diabetes.


Many people with metabolic syndrome develop or are at risk of type 2 diabetes. Tracking blood sugar helps intervene before a major health event and determine how well patients respond to healthcare planning.

Most patients presenting with metabolic syndrome will be assigned one or all of the above devices to transmit accurate readings to their clinician.

Highly Effective With Patients 

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96% of patients using Wanda Health as part of their care management services would recommend it to family and friends

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95% of patients were very satisfied using Wanda Health as part of their care management services

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91% of patients followed their treatment plan using Wanda Health as part of their are management services

About Wanda Leaders in Digital Healthcare

Wanda Health provides sector-leading remote patient monitoring services, including our suite of medical devices, virtual care platform, and turnkey solutions for healthcare providers and organizations looking for a ready-to-deploy option.

With bases in the US and UK, we target prevalent and high-risk conditions, leveraging technology to improve patient outcomes, reduce practitioner costs, and ensure all patients with conditions such as metabolic syndrome can access healthcare services.


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Metabolic Syndrome

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