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Wanda Health kicks off AI-focused fundraise

Wanda Health Inc CEO Tom Smith visits the Proactive London studio to speak with Thomas Warner after the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) company announced the start of a new fundraise.

Smith gives an overview of what Wanda intends to do with the proceeds, highlighting the company's sharp focus on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its RPM solutions.

The company has also appointed a new head of AI to oversee the development of disease-specific AI algorithms, focusing on readmission risk, social suitability, and insurer billing data integration into their platform. Smith goes on to say that Wanda Health is currently undergoing FDA approval for their congestive heart failure readmission risk models. These models aim to predict patient exacerbations and hospital admissions up to seven days in advance, providing healthcare providers with crucial data for early intervention.

In addition to AI developments, Wanda Health has established a clinical outsourcing team to support primary care providers who are resource-constrained. This move not only improves patient outcomes but also boosts revenue for healthcare providers and Wanda Health.

The company is also focusing on automated healthcare solutions, aiming to enhance patient triage and management while still valuing human intervention in healthcare.


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