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Health Resource Solutions Is Using Wanda To Increase Patient Compliance While Decreasing Readmission

Health Resource Solutions (HRS Home Health) is expanding their use of Wanda to all of their home health patients

After completing a successful program targeting high-risk, comorbid Congestive Heart Failure patients, Health Resource Solutions (HRS) is expanding their use of Wanda to all HRS home health patients. HRS is using Wanda’s machine learning and clinical analytics in unison with patient centered goals and HRS’s transition of care guidelines that tie into clinical pathways to deliver better care for patients. The HRS Model concentrates on utilizing technology and services to provide the right care at the right time for the patient. HRS has increased patient compliance with individual care plans that include patient’s goal.

The integration of Wanda’s technology with care interventions has decreased readmissions and costs of care. HRS is expanding this approach of integrating technology with interventions to its entire patient population to improve patient outcomes at lower costs.

HRS has found that HF patients that use Wanda have a 72% less probability of being readmitted to the hospital. Furthermore, patients on Wanda showed an average compliancy of 74% measured by daily interaction with the Wanda technology and adhering to their care plan.

Glenn Steigbigel, HRS CEO, noted: “We are very excited by the results we were able to achieve for our patients by reducing readmissions to 4.5% and high engagement and compliancy of those patient. Wanda has enabled us to deliver better care without increasing the workload for our clinicians, who are more effective with patients that are more engaged during the recovery process at home. Wanda is allowing us to identify variances during care delivery so that we can apply prevention and intervention techniques. By expanding Wanda, HRS continues to change lives by improving value for our patients and the clinicians that care for them.”

“Wanda is all about applying modern RPM software applications powered by analytics, data science and deep healthcare knowledge in a meaningful, personal way that is unique to each patient and in the way nurses, doctors and the full care team can believe and then act on the information provided.” Said Wanda CEO Foad Dabiri.

HRS is the largest privately owned high-tech nursing and rehabilitation home health agency in Chicago, IL. Since 2005, HRS has integrated data and technologies with home health services to measure and increase outcomes and value for patients, caregivers and clinicians. More information about HRS can be found at


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