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RPM for Clinical Trials

Monitoring the effects of clinical trials

Clinical trials are essential to the evolution of modern medicine and healthcare and are used to test, evaluate, and study a huge range of potential solutions, protocols, and medications. Researchers conduct trials based on variable subjects, assessing a diverse array of outcomes based on medical devices, drugs, and dietary programs.

Investigators working on clinical trials incorporate Wanda Health RPM to extract patient data from inside and outside of clinical settings. Participants remain independent and can live in the convenience of their homes while providing the vital data needed to complete a clinical trial successfully.

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Why Wanda RPM for Clinical Trials

At any one time, there may be as many as 500,000 ongoing clinical trials within the US and other countries – making it important to find ways to make these studies more accurate, timely, and cost-efficient.

RPM is ideally suited to large-scope clinical trials and studies involving small, highly targeted patient cohorts. Rather than requiring participants to remain in controlled environments for the duration of the study, research teams can continue to log and track data and monitor patient responses over a longer period.

This approach reduces the cost and inconvenience of requiring patients to attend daily or frequent appointments or to reside in a medical facility – making it easier for investigators to recruit participants and explore clinical trial theories.

Digital solutions are becoming more widely used across all types of clinical trials, with the accuracy and reliability of RPM devices being a great way to observe best practices in terms of patient safety, data quality, and research integrity.

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Actionable insights expediting intervention management

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Improves patient understanding and engagement in their treatment plan

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Strengthens care coordination and reduces unplanned emergent care needs

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Expands revenue potential with new reimbursable services

The Benefits of Using Wanda Health RPM for Clinical Trial Monitoring

Clinical trials are subject to intense scrutiny, rigid testing requirements, and standards around the reliability and accuracy of the data used to draw conclusions or map results. RPM is an advanced, data-led approach that integrates into this environment seamlessly.

For Patients


Being invited to participate in a clinical trial can be an opportunity to inform future medical techniques and help researchers find better, safer, or faster ways to manage chronic conditions or treat diseases.

However, some trials may be more complex to initiate where the requirements are obstacles to patient recruitment. Many of those controls are linked to the standards we’ve mentioned around the quality of data used – whereas RPM devices can offer electronic one-touch readings that are not exposed to human error.

Patients who consent to their data being used within a clinical trial can provide measurements through a user-friendly device, submit readings daily with minimal time requirements, and access educational resources and communications through our virtual care platform.

Instead of needing to attend on-site facilities to provide the data used within a clinical trial, a participant can simply connect their device and activate a reading – making participation far easier, without travel time, costs, or physician appointments.

For Healthcare Organizations

Any organization or research team conducting a clinical trial needs to balance cost against efficiency and patient safety. Researchers incorporating RPM do not need to allocate time to patient testing and can instead focus directly on data analysis and tracking – which, in turn, significantly reduces the cost of a clinical trial.

In some trials, there are additional advantages in terms of disease containment and reducing the risk of infection, both for researchers and for patients for whom a clinical environment may be considered high risk.

The primary benefit is the ability to recruit participants from broad patient demographics while augmenting engagement in the process by liaising and providing updates through the virtual care platform.

A survey conducted in 2021 within the US showed that 54% of people would consent to participation in a clinical trial, provided they were not expected to travel for over 30 minutes. Only 29% indicated that they would consider contributing to a clinical trial if the time requirements were greater. 

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Wanda Remote Patient Monitoring System Features

Through its patient adherence features, our remote healthcare monitoring system can proactively identify potential adverse events in patients with acute, chronic, and specialty diseases up to seven days in advance, providing timely alerts to healthcare providers and detailed insights into the root causes of the problem. Other features include:

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See our RPM Platform in Action

How does our RPM platform look? Featuring an intuitive UI compatible with both mobile and desktop applications, both patients and healthcare professionals can easily navigate our platform.

Who Else Do Work With?

Wanda Health collaborates with an international network of client organizations and partners, offering either standalone RPM devices, a complete turnkey solution, or access to our innovative virtual care platform. We support:

  • Primary care healthcare teams and organizations, from hospitals and community treatment centers to specialist clinics and departments, concentrating on prevalent diseases and conditions.

  • Post-acute healthcare providers and those specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation. These organizations use RPM to track patient recovery and initiate immediate interventions should signs of a complication arise. 

  • Population healthcare management teams and educational departments, extracting RPM data to study factors in growing instances of disease and informing policy around healthcare control protocols and education information.

  • Clinical trial managers and diagnostic teams utilizing RPM to assist with data collection and analyses and to expand the reach and accessibility of studies and research projects to wider patient demographics.

Healthcare providers and medical researchers are welcome to get in touch to learn more about our RPM solutions.

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Our Devices

We support a wide range of monitoring devices for CHF designed to be non-intrusive and high functioning.


iBlood Remote Pressure Monitor: Blood pressure kits are equipped with a monitoring device and cuff and apply to studies analyzing conditions or treatments connected to CHF, hypertension, and obesity.



iGlucose Blood Sugar Monitor: Our remote blood glucose monitors extract blood sugar levels from one small blood droplet, used in trials related to diabetes, obesity, and kidney disease.


iScale RPM Body Scales: Researchers conducting analyses into weight-related health use digital RPM scales to track patient data and assess how behavioral, nutrition, and health factors impact weight.


iPulseOx Remote Oxygen Monitor: The pulse oximeter from Wanda Health captures pulse rates, oxygen saturation, and other readings relevant to clinical trials linked to a wide range of respiratory and pulmonary conditions.

We offer complimentary demonstrations of our RPM devices on request, alongside insights into our intuitive virtual care platform.

Highly Effective With Patients 

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96% of patients using Wanda Health as part of their care management services would recommend it to family and friends

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95% of patients were very satisfied using Wanda Health as part of their care management services

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91% of patients followed their treatment plan using Wanda Health as part of their are management services

About Wanda Leaders in Digital Healthcare

Wanda Health is focused on facilitating a shift across the modern healthcare system, leveraging technology to improve patient outcomes, enhance the accuracy and reliability of clinical data, and ultimately provide the tools clinicians, practitioners, and researchers need to make meaningful and patient-centric decisions.

Our services include turnkey RPM programs, disease-specific services, and FDA-approved medical devices.

Medical Staff

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