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Who do we work with?

Wanda Health offers Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices, monitoring solutions, and a complete turnkey service to a number of healthcare organizations and entities.

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  • Diagnostic testing and clinical trial monitoring teams using RPM to extract data, analyze correlations or trajectories, assess the suitability of treatment protocols, and record patient outcomes.

  • Post-acute care and post-hospital clinical teams and community healthcare organizations working to ensure patients are recovering well, remain stable, and react swiftly if any metrics indicate a cause for concern.

  • Healthcare organizations responsible for population health management using the information provided through RPM to track changes and prevalence of diseases and use up-to-date and real-world data to inform policies and educational programs.

  • Primary care healthcare organizations, such as clinics, emergency services, practices, and outreach centers, introducing RPM either across broad patient cohorts or to manage specific diseases such as COPD.

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