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Physicians Guide 2021 RPM Reimbursement.

White Paper: 2021 Reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring

The 2021 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) published updated requirements for remote patient monitoring (RPM) reimbursement. These changes have made it significantly easier for providers to capture RPM's positive effects, including increased patient adherence, improved care coordination, and better outcomes.

This paper identifies:

  • A simple workflow for mastering RPM as part of your care management services

  • The appropriate billing codes and timing

  • An economic forecast model

  • Best practices for RPM success

Case Study: US Healthcare Providers Utilize Telehealth in Response to COVID-19

The finding on how a critical access hospital used telehealth and remote care management to improve care and outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic. This case study looks at the results from the program and how they are extending the success to patients with other conditions and diseases.

LCH Case Study Final.jpg

Case Study: US Healthcare Providers Utilize Telehealth in Response to COVID-19

The case study evaluates the  value obtained by providing ongoing care for COVID-19 in combination with chronic conditions using telehealth.

The effects of rapid deployment to 3,000 patients and  easy-to-use automated patient engagement features are reviewed. Additional insight is provided on the successes achieved in care team productivity and revenue generation.


Presentation: Tips on Generating Revenue and Improving Care Using Telehealth for COVID-19

In-depth presentation from the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of a provider who has accomplished great success using telehealth and remote care management. Telehealth and remote patient care best practices are reviewed. This presentations also includes information on how to generate revenue in the post-COVID-19 pandemic using remote care and telehealth.

COVID-19 Teleheatlh Best Practices.jpg

Abstract: The Effects of Artificial Intelligence Driven Telehealth on Patients with CHF in Home Care

Abstract of the research completed showing the reduction in adverse events gained by the use of the Wanda Health solution in patients with Congestive Heart Failure.

IMAGE Wanda Health Clinical Research Sum

Abstract: The Impact on Care Plan Adherence and Outcomes When Patients Use Artificial  Intelligence Driven Remote Care

Abstract on the improvements seen when chronic and comorbid patients use disease-specific predictive telehealth as part of their care management pathways.

IMAGE Impact on Adherence Clinical Resea



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