The Power of Predictive RPM Helping you Succeed

Effective and Convenient


When it comes to patient care, you want to provide them with the best!  Wanda Health is the most effective Remote Patient Monitoring provider because we are the only vendor with active artificial intelligence predicting exacerbations before they occur and then helping you improve patient adherence to stop them from happening.

Wanda Health helps you add the power of predictive RPM to fit the needs of your practice. Below are two standard options commonly used, but our team will create specific models to meet your requirements.

Option 1: Complete Turnkey Solution

Complete turnkey solution where our team manages all of the upfront and ongoing RPM work allowing you to focus on managing your practice and caring for patient while adding new monthly RPM revenue:

  • Identification of the best RPM candidates using our risk analysis algorithms

  • Patient outreach, RPM enrollment, device delivery, RPM and device training​

  • Automated adherence to ensure completion of daily vital signs

  • Alert management and escalation of predicted events and other patient requests to your team

  • Daily results delivered to your practice management system

  • Monthly billing support 

Option 2: Become RPM Experts

Add Predictive RPM to the suite of tools your team uses to care for patients. We train your care team on how to successfully add RPM to your care management services allowing you to become the expert capturing all of the benefits from an integrated ROM model:

  • How to identify RPM patients and evaluate their risk profile

  • Interact with your patients on the benefits of adding RPM to their care

  • Automated patient enrollment in your RPM program

  • Device request, assignment and delivery management

  • Deploy patient-centric automated adherence to support their care plan

  • Access to clinical portal to daily risk triage, alert management, and adherence management

  • Use of video/voice conference tools for patient/caregiver/family consults, education, therapy, and remote assessments

  • Daily results delivered to your practice management system

  • Monthly billing support 

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Everything Needed for Success in RPM

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The complete set of features, services, and data all in one solution:

  • Real-time Risk Assessment and Alerts

  • Daily Patient Triage

  • 70 Disease and Condition Pathways

  • Biometric Devices and Wearables

  • Web and Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

  • Multi-party Virtual Visits

  • Automate Health Checks

  • Automated Adherence Programs

  • Multi-language Support

  • Behavioral, Mental, and Pain Assessment Tools

  • Clinical User Training and Ongoing Support Services

  • Patient Training and Ongoing Support Services

  • Clinical Portal

  • Performance Dashboards and Reporting

  • Practice Optimization Analytics

  • Billing and Reimbursement Support

  • EHR Interoperability (Carequality and Commonwell)

  • HIPAA Secure

Improves Care - Saves Time - Adds Revenue

  • Increases patient understanding and engagement in their treatment plan

  • Faster time to interventions

  • Reduces unplanned emergent care and crisis management

  • Improves care coordination and productivity

  • Reduced unplanned hospitalizations and ED visits

  • Adds revenue from new reimbursable services