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An Intelligent Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Care in the UK

The Wanda solution is designed to enhance health outcomes, elevate patient experience, reduce the cost of care and improve staff wellbeing. By reducing waiting times, providing improved access to diagnostics and treatments and minimising hospital admissions, Wanda can help increase capacity and reduce costs within the NHS


Through its patient adherence features, the platform can identify potential adverse events in patients with acute, chronic, and specialty diseases up to seven days in advance, providing timely alerts to healthcare providers and detailed insights into the root causes of the problem.  This not only helps clinicians to intervene early, but also empowers patients to take control of their health and wellbeing.  

Checking Blood Pressure

Virtual Care for Better Clinical Outcomes


Improving patient experience by increasing access to care with remote technologies 


Engagement tools and application drive high patient adherence improving clinical outcomes


Reducing cost of care with earlier interventions decreasing hospital readmissions and increasing Early Supported Discharge


Proactive monitoring of biometric and behavioural symptoms for better patient outcomes


Improving staff experience by allowing them to manage patients more effectively


More than 10,000 patients used the platform to date 

Supporting Patients and Medical Providers in the UK

Case Studies

The Impact on Care Plan Adherence and Outcome When Patients Use Artificial Intelligence Driven Remote Care 

A six-month controlled before and after study was conducted on a 35-patient cohort with at least one chronic condition. The conventional telehealth intervention used simple thresholds based alerts for vital signs. Wanda Health used 17 data elements (vital signs and symptoms) processed using our algorithm to predict pending adverse events. 


  • 10% improved adherence vs conventional RPM 

  • 96% patients said they were satisfied 

  • 95% would recommend Wanda to family & friends

The Effects of Artificial Driven Telehealth on Patients with CHF in Home Care 

A six-month comparative study of 468 patients with CHF as their primary diagnosis. It compared a patient cohort (94) that was randomly assigned the Wanda Health programme and those patients that were following the standard care pathway for CHF with no RPM.  

  • 18.6% reduction in 30-day readmission rate 

  • $350k Wanda attributed hospitalization savings (94 patients) 

  • $943k estimated Wanda attributed savings to whole cohort (468 patients)  

Step 1: Patient Engagement

Multi-modality approach regardless of the patient’s home IT infrastructure or IT literacy 

The Wanda Health Patient App

Engaging the Patient in Their Own Health Journey Through a Simple and Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Enter vital readings and daily symptoms

  • View historic vitals readings and daily symptoms 

  • Request a call back from a Care Coordinator

  • Perform integrated video conferencing 

  • Receive reminder notifications

Doctor and Patient

Clients and Partners

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