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Wanda Is Awarded Two Patents Which Increase Its Ability to Detect Adverse Event Scenarios

Wanda's two new patents on methodologies to search time series data and detect anomalies from it, expand its portfolio of IPs developed at UCLA which drive Wanda's core products.

Wanda, a leading digital health platform focused on advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of remote patient management and communication, has been awarded two new patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for a total of three awarded patents in 2017. The inventions titled “Efficient Searching of Stationary Datasets” and “Apparatus, System, and Method for Detecting Activities and Anomalies in Time Series Data”, are the result of research on clinical time-series data done at UCLA. Anomaly Detection is a cornerstone of effective machine learning in health care. Wanda now has the ability to identify and act upon clinical and patient behavior subtleties which are frequently overlooked and then lead to adverse events.

“We are very excited to be awarded two new patents on the analytical methodologies which drive Wanda’s solutions. These inventions helps us maintain our unique advantages in the space and are strong indicators that intelligent data usage is the driving force behind our products.” said Foad Dabiri, CEO of Wanda, adding “Wanda is all about applying modern software applications powered by analytics, data science and deep healthcare knowledge in a meaningful, personal way that is unique to each patient and in the way nurses, doctors and the full care team can believe and then act on the information provided.”


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